Who Are We?

Welcome to Pittman Technology, your trusted partner in navigating the digital landscape. Founded in 2009 in southeastern Michigan by IT veteran Steve Pittman, we've been dedicated to empowering small and medium-sized businesses with strategic IT solutions that make business sense. Our journey began with a mission to provide friendly, reliable, and personalized IT services, earning us a reputation for excellence in customer service and technical expertise.


Today, under the leadership of Brandon Pittman, we continue to uphold our legacy while adapting to the evolving needs of modern businesses across various industries. At Pittman Technology, we're committed to transforming challenges into opportunities and driving real growth, innovation, and efficiency.


Our vision is to redefine the role of IT in business, ensuring our technology solutions are always aligned with our core promise: "Technology That Makes Business Sense." We offer comprehensive services including managed services, technology consulting, cybersecurity, and cloud solutions, ensuring your IT needs are met with reliability and professionalism.


Welcome to Pittman Technology – where we transform your IT challenges into opportunities for growth and success, guided by our foundational principle: Technology that makes business sense.


What's Our Story?

Helping Businesses Grow Since 2009

Our Beginnings

Back in 2009, in Southeastern Michigan, a man named Steve Pittman had a big idea. After spending over 20 years in the enterprise IT world, he realized small and medium businesses needed IT help just as much as the big ones. Steve wanted to be more than just another IT guy. He aimed to be a trusted friend and advisor for these businesses, always there to help them overcome any tech challenge.


Our Approach

Steve's way of doing things was unique. He didn’t just fix computers; he built strong relationships. He made sure the businesses he worked with could keep running smoothly without any tech issues. This approach made him and his company, Pittman Technology, really stand out. People trusted him to make their tech work in a way that was best for their business. That’s how we began to embody our slogan: "Technology That Makes Business Sense."


Overcoming Challenges

But then, the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. It was a tough time for businesses everywhere. During this period, Steve received a once in a lifetime opportunity to join a growing tire retailer in the Detroit Metro area to help them as they embarked on an aggressive growth strategy. He had to make the hard choice to scale down Pittman Technology, but that wasn’t the end of its story.


A New Era

At the end of 2023, Steve's son, Brandon, stepped up. He grew up around technology and learned a lot from his dad. After graduating with a business degree from the University of Michigan - Dearborn, Brandon worked his way up from a help desk technician to managing large multi-million-dollar IT projects. He became very good at solving problems and was always good at helping people.

Brandon brought Pittman Technology back with new energy and fresh ideas. He wanted to continue helping small and medium-sized businesses, just like his dad did, but with updated strategies for today's world. Now, with Brandon at the helm, Pittman Technology is ready to support businesses as they navigate new challenges and make technology simple for everyone.


Our Commitment to You

At Pittman Technology, we're here to make IT easy for you. We want to help your business grow and adapt to changes. We’re all about making technology work in ways that help your business the most. That’s what we mean when we say, "Technology That Makes Business Sense." Welcome to the new chapter of Pittman Technology, where we see tech problems as chances for your business to succeed.


Where Are We Heading?

Vision Statement

“Redefine the role of IT in business.”


Mission Statement

“Provide reliable and professional IT services to meet client needs.”


Core Values

  1. Client-Focused Service: Commitment to building strong, supportive relationships with clients, ensuring their technological needs are met with personalized solutions.
  2. Reliability and Professionalism: Offering reliable and professional IT services to ensure seamless business operations for clients.
  3. Innovation and Growth: Driving real growth, innovation, and efficiency for modern businesses through strategic IT solutions.
  4. Practicality and Effectiveness: Aligning technology solutions with the core promise of making business sense, reflected in the approach and services offered.


Founding Principle

“Technology That Makes Business Sense”