Microsoft's latest version of Windows provides many benefits to business owners, especially those who use Microsoft Teams. The operating system will now make getting meeting reminders for upcoming phone or video conferences easier. Learn about the key features of the Windows 11 update and how it can boost productivity across your business. 

Why Businesses Use Microsoft Teams

One of the most widely-used applications across Microsoft devices is Microsoft Teams. The popular platform connects business associates with colleagues and clients near and far. The app promotes collaboration by offering a range of communication features, including:

  • Instant messaging
  • Audio calls
  • Video conferencing

In an age when remote work is becoming more prominent, programs like Microsoft Teams maintain strong communication across the workforce. Thanks to the audio and video conferencing feature, you can communicate with your employees even if they're working from different physical locations. 

How the Windows 11 Update Impacts Microsoft Teams Users

What does the Windows 11 update mean for business owners and employees using Microsoft Teams regularly? By upgrading to Windows 11 Pro, reminders about upcoming meetings will appear in the recommended section of the Start menu. This update includes no drastic changes to the user interface but helps business associates stay on top of their schedules. 

You'll enjoy the following business benefits by implementing this new software update.

Increased Productivity

Businesses across different industries rely on Microsoft Teams to maintain communication between colleagues. Use the text chat feature to send quick messages to your team, but large meetings about company progress and projects usually require a video conference.

This new update allows attendees to see reminder notifications much more easily. They can join the conference on time instead of causing the group to wait several minutes. When you can cut down on late starts to your meetings, you'll get more work done efficiently. 

Streamlined Communication

Managers won't need to send separate reminders to their team about upcoming meetings when the reminder appears in a user's Start menu. This way, business communication will remain strong yet streamlined. 

New Android Integration Available for Windows Users

In addition to changes to Microsoft Teams, the Windows 11 update includes a feature to streamline photo editing and sharing for Android users. Anytime you take a screenshot on your Android device, a notification will appear within Windows 11. You can instantly view, edit, or share the photo from your computer. 

Who Can Use These Windows 11 Features?

Microsoft announced in January 2024 that a new Windows 11 update is in the works. The rollout will take several weeks or months before it's available to all users. In the meantime, users of Windows 11 Pro or the Enterprise editions with a Microsoft Entra ID can experience these new features. You must be a business user of Microsoft Teams to take advantage of the meeting reminder shortcut feature.

This update contains plenty of valuable features; take advantage of them today.


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